The Sacred Vulva Project

Creation is the source of the feminine principle. Women are proof of the process continuity of the initial creation. The Vulva is the objective representation of Creation image.


23000 a.C sacred vulva

The Vulva, once venerated at shrines dedicated to Mother Earth, contains the great magic of life as a symbol of fertility and regeneration.
At today, we have forgotten what was clear for the ancient people, that is the potential of our vulva.

This has led to exploitation and violence against women and nature.


To start looking at and adore the Vulva is the first step to regain the extraordinary potential maintained in a healthy sexuality.

Healthy sexuality does not only mean love between people, it also means to use love into the relationship between us and the Mother Earth who feed us.

This would allow women to start the process of re-appropriation of their natural Creative Force.

6200 a.C. sacred vulva

4500 a.C. sacred vulva

6000 a.C. sacred vulva


The project's target is to create a network of sacred icons of the vulva of each woman in the world who decides to expose herself in the very first person to fight against ignorance, against gender violence and experiment on herself the ancient power of the Big Vulva.
A certain percentage of the gain obtained by selling the icons will be used to build up a vulva-shaped shrine to be located in some place in the world in order to phisically regain a room in which woman can join themselves, to put together all their competencies to find out a concrete alternative to the patriarchal society, incompetent in protecting the life in all its aspects, like environment, human, economic, art and political.



The sacred icons

An ancient art, the sacred icons, used within this project to represent a very ancient symbol, the Vulva, so you always have Her in your house, in front of your eyes, to look at Her, to recognize Her, to adore Her, to respect and enforce Her.